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Right, but the contrast range 1:1,000,000 that a real range isn it? Not an integral one? So why does it ideally need to be represented with a particular quantisation of 1,000,000 different states? I mean there not 1,000,000 different values between the real numbers 1 and 1,000,000 are there? There an infinite number. There only 1,000,000 values (20 bits) if you decide to quantise on each integer. Why do you need to do that? Why not more? Or less? What special about the integral values on the number line?.

The discussion lasted at least half an hour, but it did not yield any positive results. Then, I sent several e mails to few of the e mail addresses I could find on their website, till date no reply from any of them has been received. This left me immensely upset with the functioning of the company and I felt cheated and helpless.

Here are just a few Chinese proverbs that landed flat and then we will get on with the art of which direction your toilet should be facing for maximum peace when going potty. A good traveler should be comatose and awoken upon arrival? In my book, the good traveler is someone who can read a map, has enough food to get them through the longest traffic jam, likes to listen to the same music I like and is up for frequent walk and toilet breaks and doesn’t criticize my driving. A two year old with good eyesight could fathom the same.

So obviously some of the biotin in the supplement was able to be absorbed and utilized by the body. That’s a good thing because no one wants to spend good money on a supplement only to find out that their body isn’t even really absorbing it. But that’s another great thing about biotin.

That actually resonates a lot more than people think. I assume the same is true in Egypt. Who love to tout moral values. As the number of multi casualty shootings in the United States has grown, Level 1 trauma centers like this one have stepped up preparations and training for events like Saturday’s rampage at Tree of Life synagogue here. They conduct tabletop exercises and walk throughs. They practice organization and communication.

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