Magic for Lughnasadh Lammas August EveLughnasadh is upon us, the first of three harvest festivals. Autumn begins at this Sabbat but it’s only beginning, and not yet in full swing. During Lughnasadh, Wiccans and many other Pagans celebrate the bursting bounty of the Earth, and give thanks for what we have with the knowledge that all good things must come to an end..

It really can mess up valuable recovery time.Just please try putting yourself in all aspects of a situation before you say something so intense. You truly never know the full story.Me too.I started doing a tad bit better, but am running broker again due to vet bills at the moment.But I still signed up for SS. Reason being, when you are lonley, don have much family or friends during the holidays, spending it alone, it can be kind of devastating and heartbreaking :/So having the excitement of shopping for somebody, anybody, and knowing you be a part of making their Christmas amazing, brings SO much happiness to me.

I had a cutting of Dracaena Marginata that a friend gave me. I like this plant very much and had hoped it would root and “take off” like most of my plants perform. The cutting did take root, and I was thrilled about that, but then it reached a point where it just stopped! It didn’t die, but it didn’t grow either.

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CRAWFORD, REV. Born on May 29, 1849 at Hastings, he was the oldest surviving member of a remarkable cricketing and athletic family. Parson Crawford, as he was always called when well known as a cricketer, played occasionally for Kent from 1872 to 1877 and for Leicestershire in 1878; also for Gentlemen of Sussex and Gentlemen of Surrey, and for Surrey Second Eleven; but he never appeared for the County.

The older brother of the 5 year old shooting told police he was in Jovonn Cannon’s bedroom with the 5 year old and the Cannon brothers, cleaning and moving stuff around the room. He said he saw Javonn Cannon load the gun and set it on the bed before the 5 year old picked it up and began playing with it. The older brother said he told the 5 year old to come watch TV, but he continued to play with the gun in the bedroom.