While maybe overlooked for the potential gain in NBA Lottery odds, Lopez effort was worth noting on Monday. The center, who celebrated his 31st birthday, hit 12 of 18 shots from the floor and hit 5 of 8 from the free throw line. A dunk with 1:50 left finished off his best point effort of the season, topping the 26 points he had on 10 of 16 shooting against the Bucks on February 25th..

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Poised for a postseason breakthrough, Russell flourished and hit a string of jumpers in the third that never let the Sixers seriously chip away at the lead. LeVert third 3 in the fourth made it a 16 point game and there was no looking back for one of the biggest wins since the Nets moved to Brooklyn. Russell raised his arms in celebration as he headed down the tunnel into Brooklyn locker room..

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The French are much more lively, excitable people, as are most Latinos. This is one reason why I always felt at home in France because my temperament is more like the French but then I am a Celt! As the meal progressed and the wine flowed the noise of chatter became more and more animated and Martin turned to me and said, “Do you realize that everyone is talking at the same time and nobody seems to be listening to anybody?” When I told our friends what Martin said, they were highly amused and Marguerite explained to everyone around the table that in Britain, people are more reserved and polite, so that when one person speaks, all the rest listen and they take it in turns to speak. After a most enjoyable stay in Montluon and the surrounding areas, we went further south to Nmes to visit Louis and Evelyne who were married about the same time as we.