I fully support people to chose rescued dogs instead of buying from a breeder, as I just think we should take care of them in need before we see that even more are born. And because of my opinion here, I appreciate sites like this, with good information and valuable advice so that it will be easier to make the choice to adopt a rescue dog. Thanks for your compassion!7 years ago from Kolkata, India.

There is no substitute for raw, physical talent at the NBA level, whether it be size, speed or quickness or a developed skill such as shooting, passing or rebounding. The lack of any particular ability does not necessarily mean a player would be unfit to draft or to play in the NBA. Neither would a lack of desire.

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Barry’s in a unique position in that sense. Each team’s five man roster and coach is picked by the team captain or captains. Barry is one of five Hall of Famers (joining Iverson, Gary Payton, Clyde Drexler and George Gervin) plus Rick Mahorn who have signed up to be coaches, but other than player captain coach Iverson, those legends will be at the mercy of the players in determining both their rosters and their team assignments..

If there’s another side effect of the compressed, 66 game sked, it will be the media coverage erring on the side of alarmism. See the 0 2 Lakers and Dallas Mavericks going into Tuesday night. The reaction is not unlike a football team starting the season 0 2.

2. THE ANGELS: WHAT I DIDN’T DO THIS SUMMER They rehired Gene Mauch, who had retired two years before. They hired Mike Port, who got a veteran reliever in Donnie Moore before the season and two veteran starters John Candelaria and Don Sutton during the season.

Imported. From the gym. On trail, road, and everywhere in between the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 sunglasses have your back. Jackson was more restrained, and he has been respectful of Krause in the two decades since the crumbling of the Bulls dynasty began. But he could pile on Krause, too, as he did in 1997, when players voted Brian Williams (aka Bison Dele) one playoff share when it had been falsely reported that Krause had promised him two. Rather than clearing up the situation, Jackson publicly stepped on Krause with one liner, as he often did..