We have a saying, you want to have more GPM (gallons per minute) than BTU (British Thermal Units) to put the fire out. The strait stream on the combination nozzle delivers water more efficiently to the fire. Technically, a smooth bore nozzle which minimizes the air in the water is ever more effective, but we prefer the utility a combination nozzle offers..

In the fall of 1925, Adams began the work of constructing the first log cabin on the mountain. Cut from nearby spruce and balsam trees, the 15x20ft cabin, which no longer stands, was built west of the site of the current LeConte Lodge. The rear 8ft of the cabin contained four levels of bunks to accommodate hikers.

Over a quarter of a century of research the fraud behind religion and why preachers stick to their stories of make believe and imagined rewards and punishments for dissenters came to light. Power mongering kings and their cohorts invented prophets for power and control, They needed many men to die on battlefields to prove their godliness against other kinds. So they encouraged breeding on an unprecedented level from which we have never emerged.

All I can say is, new connections happen in your brain. New synapses are firing in a fresh way that didn’t happen before. And you don’t truly get it until you experience it.. In a small way, this is the story of the world’s most famous, and probably most popular, building. Its design by French engineer Gustave Eiffel won a competition for a 300 meter tower that was to be the centerpiece of the 1889 Exposition Nationale. It would be for a long time the tallest building in the world..

It takes about 20 minutes to get from my town to his. As I jump on the back road this road leads through a tiny village (town) then goes through the country then the town that I work in and my bf resides. It late i am tired and hungry so i was going to take a detour to the pilot gas station (has subway, taco bell big truck stop).

OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Louder Volume, Crystal Clear Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 100 Foot Wireless Range, Microphone, IPX5, Bluetooth Speakers by Cambridge Sound Works (Black)This portable speaker is a small, speaker that will fill up a room with it’s sound despite it’s small size. It’s perfect for use at home, in a dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, car and at parties. It’s also splashproof, rainproof, dustproof and sandproof which makes it a good choice of speaker for outdoors such as for use by the beach..