Standouts are actor Victoria Pyan, possessor of a maniacal laugh that just begging for a Disney villain role, and playwright Sam L. Landman, who has crafted the most personal and specific of the pieces: a tender tribute to his late friend J Davidson. In Gets High, an avid gamer is sucked into a video game console to do battle not just with avatars and historic monsters, but with patriarchy, incels and a whole bunch of dark, real world forces hiding behind keyboards and assumed identities.

The talk will focus on representations of neurological conditions and of their treatment in the period 1895 1912. Recent critical exploration of the interrelationship between science and cinema in the late nineteenth century has drawn attention to the relatively under researched use of the cinematograph in medical contexts. The medical cinematography of a number of European neurologists will be considered alongside the imaginative, unorthodox, comedic and often fantastical representations of clinical bodies and cures in a range of early fictional silent films held in the archives at British Film Institute.

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I have been trying to change my profile photo and keep getting an error message. The photos selected are considerably less than 10 M. Nothing seems to work. Lloyd, D. Threlfall, P. McDowall, J. Fortunately for Karen Keegan, the medical doctors involved decided to do an investigation to discover the reason for the genetic mismatch. Karen had a thyroid nodule removed a few years prior, and this tissue was frozen and saved by a nearby lab. Doctors did some testing on the thyroid tissue and discovered that while Karen’s blood did not match the DNA of two of her sons, the thyroid tissue did match their DNA..