For Lewis, his truth has vastly changed in the last 13 years. One year after the murder, he led the Ravens to a Super Bowl championship, but his public image was so tattered that his photo was not put on a Wheaties box with teammates and Disney World wouldn’t pay him to shout its name. Since then, he has been a model citizen, community leader and endorser of national products while softening his steely stare enough to become a media favorite..

I consider myself to be a reasonably fashionable guy I’m not necessarily on top of this season’s trend, but in the cooler part of the year, my friends consider me the best dressed of the group. My winter apparel is usually a play on nice dark jeans or slacks (typically grey), a solid colored t shirt, and a patterned or striped button down on top of it, with the collar open enough to let a splash of the underlying tee show through. Sleeves rolled up usually, so it doesn’t look too formal, and nice polished black shoes..

McLeod, S. Guinan Camperdown:S. Fitzgerald, J. Get the biggest daily news stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersHarrison and Young have now been jailed after admitting animal cruelty offences, alongside a third man Cyle Jones, 31, who admitted two animal welfare charges.The trio sick actions of the trio were brought to light after an undercover investigation carried out by BBC Wales Investigates in May 2018 prompted an inquiry by the RSPCA.The RSPCA release harrowing videos of the crimes after they were jailed at Merthyr Magistrates Court on Friday.The court heard that Harrison and Young killed badgers on four occasions in the Forest of Dean, where they also tried to kill a deer.On one occasion, they set their terriers on a boar before stabbing the wounded animal with a knife.In their defence, the men said they had grown up with countryside pursuits.Villagers filmed stoning bear cub to death in Iran as woman yells for them to stopBut district Judge Neil Thomas described the offences as “medieval barbarity” adding: “The absence of remorse was obvious.”Harrison, of Caldicot in Monmouthshire, admitted 15 animal cruelty offences and was jailed for 22 weeks. Young, of East Pentwyn in Blaina, South Wales, pleaded guilty to six charges and was jailed for 20 weeks.Jones admitted two animal welfare charges relating to two dogs that were injured. He was jailed for 18 weeks as he was not allowed to keep dogs, having previously been convicted for having a dog that was dangerously out of control.After the case, RSPCA Chief inspector Ian Briggs said: “The RSPCA’s special operations unit has to investigate some truly gruesome acts on animals..