Police said in a news release that on Feb. Two officers were called to an address on John Street to arrest a woman wanted for failing to appear in court. While arresting the woman, one of the officers noticed a man was trying to avoid them. Morrissey explored a run in 2012, but eventually stepped aside in favor of Rich Cowan, an executive with North by Northwest. He looking at 2014, in part because he contends the way McMorris Rodgers and House Republicans handled the shutdown and debt ceiling was irresponsible. But he also challenge her on continuing economic problems in Eastern Washington 5th District..

The story also tells about the beautiful local model who promoted this pre Disney attraction.The Bloodiest Battle of the Civil War was fought in New Smyrna. The story includes details about the maneuvers, the firing of the canon through the New Smyrna hotel, the escape, and other details, including the naval blockade of Mosquito Inlet (today Ponce Inlet).The last living Civil War general lived in Ormond Beach, and Ames Park is named for him today. This story tells his story, the history of the park, and includes details about his Ormond home.World War Two teenagers remembrances of life in Daytona during the war.

Jurors are bound to wonder, too, why everyone fled the scene. Lewis’ group took off in the limousine; police caught up to it when they got a tip that the vehicle was a few miles away with a flat tire. But its passengers had all left in cabs by then.

Blanche Barrow Goes to PrisonOn September 4, Blanche Caldwell Barrow pled guilty to assault with intent to kill Platte County Sheriff Holt Coffey. Patrolmen Whitecotton and Ellis weren’t on hand to testify that Coffey’s neck wound was sustained from friendly fire. Blanche said that she plead guilty, as no jury would have ever believed she was innocent, let alone that she had never fired a gun.

Malia Nimi, Central. 52: 1. Noah Vida, Razorbacks; 2. Mounties in the Vancouver Island town of Chemainus say they had to resort to drastic measures in an effort to get an errant emu out of the way of highway traffic. Police say after several attempts to capture the animal earleir this week, they decided the best course of action was to use a conducted energy weapon to stop the 170 centimetre tall emu from wandering back onto the road. Police say the 45 kilogram animal escaped from a nearby farm and was a safety concern for passing motorists, pedestrians and residents.

Key lime pie doesn’t always have a topping. Really, it’s rich enough not to need one, but I really like the meringue on top. The filling is rich and dense, and the light, fluffy meringue makes a nice complement, and besides, it makes good use of the egg whites you don’t use in the filling.