Caroline Curtin and Larry S. Curtin, dissolution granted. Karen L. Peel and cut the pears, as ripe as you can get them, into big chunks over a bowl to catch any juices. Cut out the woody stems, the seeds, and any dark bruises. Put the pears in, pour any accumulated juices in after them, and put the bag of spices in as well..

Nunn, M. Eastman, I. Shearer HB: J. A few years ago we bought a home and naturally I was excited to set up my basement game room/movie theater. I set up a nice 5.1 and a huge bass that let me be as immersive as I like, and then some. I was already into Dying Light but hadnt finished it yet so it was one of the first games I was playing on the new setup..

Most of our customers were people who lived in the neighborhood, people we knew and had developed casual friendships with. Therefore, I felt no particular apprehension when, one night around 11:00, in anticipation of closing at 12:00, I began to load the walk in cooler with beer and soft drinks. It’s a chilly task and took usually 25 to 30 minutes after a busy night to complete.

Walker refused to speak with investigators as to the cause of the crash. As both witnesses and on scene officers believe this may be drug related, your affiant (investigator) seeks to determine if Mr. Walker was supposed to be taking any medications, and whether those medications would have affected Mr.

His shot is an issue, and if it doesn’t develop it will prevent him from being the star the Kings (and others) think he could become. But his combination of length and athleticism will provide Sacramento with the foundation it needs. Tim BontempsWhat he brings: The 6 3 Fox is already a defensive savant.

Third row, from left: Landon Christopher Arnell, Skilled Technical Sciences Education; Isaac Barrus, Social Science; Daniel Clothier, Business Marketing; Zachary Sabey, Mathematics. Second row, from left: Lexia Bushman, Visual Arts; Madeline Abigail Maxwell, Science. Front row from left: Brinnli Johnson, Dance; Mira Pederson, Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics; Hailey Hunt, English; Heidi White, Family Consumer Sciences; Amelia Francis Burnett, Computer Technology..

Arom. “ad zz iV.” The funny squiggle I am representing with “zz” for convenience. It means “ounces” and the designation “ad” means “up to.” So the prescription is telling the pharmacist to add this syrup to the other ingredients so that the total volume in the end is 4 ounces..

And nearly all throughout Oakley’s small parcel of land, Ross’ unique touches are found. From the small, tough greens on every hole to the inadvertent gift that Ross gave the club: Since it’s at one of the highest point in the Boston area, from many of the tees and greens, golfers can now look out at the city skyline. He received $2,000 for his redesign of Oakley, which he promptly wired back home to his mother in Scotland so she could expand her home..