On a side note, it’s annoying that teachers can’t bring up our jobs/work without people berating us or accusing us of complaining. When I first started I loved telling people about my job and all the funny shit kids do, but eventually got sick of how people responded. Now I rarely bring teaching up..

So why not live in a fantasy world and devise an alternate history?It begins with the Dec. 17, 2004 eight years next Monday trade of Vince Carter to the New Jersey Nets. Perhaps you heard recently that then Raps coach Sam Mitchell appeared on a Toronto radio station and dropped the bomb that the night before then GM Rob Babcock’s horrendous trade, Carter told him he didn’t want to be dealt and was backtracking on his exit request..

What do I do? I use the latest version of Mozilla.10Help for New HubbersAdding Pictures To Your Hub. How Many Pictures?by sasta10 7 years agoHi, I know hubpages allows you to add many pictures as you want, but is it a good idea to overload your hub with lots of pictures or should you have a limit. How many pictures should you use and where is the best place to put pictures (top, before title, end of hub, start of hub, etc).

A house plant. Something suitable for the environment they live in. So if they live in a tiny apartment you can’t get them a huge palm tree. An objective observer in this debate would soon realize that both sides are determined at being right or righteous. Frankly, we could debate this issue for another 400 years. Yet regardless of who’s right or wrong, the harsh reality for Africans who are still proud to be the children of is that the cultural side is losing this battle.

No surprises. CLO also offers a very standard / international Mandarin. It has a great Android app as well as tons of scripts, vocabulary lists and bonus material for each level on the website. Vonn was trying to become the first female racer to win Olympic gold in both downhill and super G. She was the downhill champion at the Vancouver Games, where she scored her bronze medal in the super G. The super G was added to the Olympic program in 1988 and is a speed event that requires bigger turns and thus less speed than downhill.

Domestically Rangers were level on points with Celtic at the halfway stage of the season courtesy of a first win over a Brendan Rodgers side. Expectation had reached a level which could only have been dreamt of under Murty, Caixinha and Mark Warburton. Okay that momentum slipped badly after the winter break but progression? It hard to argue there hasn been, despite Celtic charge towards another clean sweep..