With the recent news of the whale deaths in the St. Lawrence Seaway, it is interesting to read all the reasons that are being presented (ship traffic, global warming, etc.). I’d like to offer my hypothesis. F smash has a lot of utility. It’s great for ledgetrapping. If you stand just out of range of a getup attack, you can cover a few options.

I, myself, was left discouraged at the end of the first book and it took me many more years before I was ready to give the second book at shot (at which point I devoured the series). Malazan is as hardcore as fantasy gets. Confusion is the predominant state of mind when reading.

Frederick Pohl (1919 2013) was in on it in the beginning: Science Fiction Conventions. The first was in the Philadelphia of 1936 and called nothing. It was a gathering of four people from Philly and five from New York City in the midst of The Great Depression.

Sexism aside, Golda ran an efficient government, often holding advisory meetings in her kitchen where she served tea and sandwiches. She slept only four hours a night, and was known to scrub the floors in the middle of the night when she needed think. Traveling with four or five bodyguards, Golda visited Africa so often that she became an honorary queen of certain villages and her house was filled with African masks and statues.

Other staff were helpful, but still not exactly professional after handing in my notice they made appointments to show people round without telling me, even though it was a Saturday morning when I was likely (and indeed was) in the middle of doing other things. If I was there for viewings, I noticed that they didn tell prospective tenants about the gas and electricity situation, so ended up telling them myself so that new people wouldn have the same issues that I did. Zena in particular didn communicate with me effectively at any point after waiting a week after the check out had been completed and hearing nothing, I called to see if any deductions were likely to be made to my deposit.

At a UFC presser Sunday, Dana gave reporters an update on when Conor is expected to make a return to the Octagon. Like he told us, he’s waiting until Khabib and Dustin Poirier fight in September to see how things play out. But on the issue of Masvidal being “too big” for him, it doesn’t seem Conor took that very lightly.

The Madness of King George (Hallmark, 110 minutes, R, $98.97): Based on the play The Madness of George III, this enjoyably theatrical film begins in 1788 some time after England lost its American colonies. Almost 30 years into his reign, George III still seems quite hale, but he is beginning to display disturbing signs of dementia. George has taken to running around the grounds of Windsor Castle in his night clothes, accosting servants, spouting nonsense (and worse) and generally making a royal jackass of himself.