Of all those millions of contacts the BJS last identified 26,000 complaints of excessive force. That complaints, which means regards to merit or standing. Just under half of 0.1% of all police contacts. You’ve served your time in Candyland. Now you can play a board game with the big girls make that cowgirls. Just saddle up your pony, grab your 10 gallon hat and be prepared to answer some very personal questions.

T The disputed finish in Miami began after New York inbounded at midcourt with 4.4 seconds left. Chris Mills took the pass and drove past Alonzo Mourning, but missed a short runner. Charles Oakley missed a tip, and Dan Majerle then slapped the ball in the direction of Houston, who hastily threw up one last attempt at the buzzer..

But I would much rather have a long run in a beautiful, simple place than be rushing around trying to check things off a list. I think it comes down to the fact that everybody is into different stuff, and that doesn change when you travel. What cool and fascinating to one person (could be your best friend or a stranger) may not at all be interesting to you.

Don count on Tim Grgurich returning to the Blazers. The league highest paid (750G) assistant accepted a 1 year deal (versus five) coming into the season, because he wanted to make sure it was a good fit for all sides. It wasn The Nuggets and Clippers figure to make the biggest play for Grgurich..

Furthermore, if you run someone over with a cart in Walmart, that person might just get up and hurt you. There are some folks you should simply not provoke at Walmart. It is in your best interest to learn polite restroom manners.. The question is asked about marriage, most people then dig into their beliefs, said Hilary Shelton, the NAACP senior vice president for advocacy and policy, noting that many black people attend church. When the question asked about marriage, you find that most will say, well, my religion doesn support that. But if you ask them if people should be able to legally enter into those contracts, you find the numbers go up astronomically.

The rest were a collection of political satire and commentary and a couple 5 chapter stories.The only thing I feel fortunate about is that I didn’t waste tons of hours writing hundreds of hubpages only to have to deal with such an inconsiderate decision by hubpages. I don’t know how anyone can make money worth the time it takes with HP. If I was making money I would have demanded they reimburse me for all the pages’ down time fixing what they screwed up but we all know they actually could care less.