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Notes: Casey was an assistant coach with the Mavericks last season. He joined the Raptors on June 21, nine days after Dallas won the title. Linas Kleiza is still recovering from knee surgery and is expected to be at least a month away from a return.

Whether they are religious fundamentalists or pro science crusaders, the assumption that Winter Solstice is a celebration only observed by Atheists is truly demeaning. For thousands of years peoples of many cultures have associated the Winter Solstice with the birth of Divinities and other sacred events. For anyone to delegate these spiritual observances as anything less denotes either ignorance or the perpetuation of a purposely contrived myth.

It was a wonderful opportunity to take some really interesting photographs and gave us the feeling of standing among the clouds and looking down on the mountains. We sat on the terrace of the visitor center to enjoy the view, then headed onto the dirt road that led higher up the mountain to Obstruction Point. There we found picnic tables tucked in among the trees or perched on the edges of the banks.

Vujacic, 31, won’t play major minutes, but his role as a friend and mentor to rookie Kristaps Porzingis is an important one. The Knicks are trying to put the right support team around the 20 year old Porzingis, who played against Vujacic in Spain. Porzingis’ older brother, Janis, is a former professional basketball player who is living with his brother in New York.

As we continued to put out heart and soul into the business, it grew to the point where we needed help. At this time, we brought on a over qualified property manager/bookkeeper with the agreement we would bring him on as a partner later to run the asset management after a proven year of success. I’ll tell you more about him later in the article..

A blizzard raged on the field of battle when the two sides met on that Palm Sunday, March 29th, 1461. The rough, rolling fields around the Cock Beck between Towton and Saxton echoed to the clash of arms, steel on steel, barbed arrows flew skyward, maces were wielded, pole axes rose and fell. The fighting lasted for longer than the early spring daylight and long after the last blow fell, the last man dropped to his knees and the last noble searched the ground for his fellows Cock Beck ran with the blood and gore for three days..