Authenticity or the lack of it is the theme of Faking It: The Quest For Authenticity In Popular Music by Hugh Barker and Yuval Taylor, a very interesting analysis that spears some sacred cows and looks at music history in a new way. They believe that in authenticity is the defining nature of popular music and that notions of authenticity have been manufactured and marketed, as a matter of fact they argue that the more performers try to “keep it real” the more artificial they become. Everything from black and white minstrel shows, the “primitive” blues of the South, and The Monkees, to Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night as their most “honest” record and Kurt Cobain’s denouncing his own “fakery” are all grist for their mill..

He rolled her on the ground to put out the flames and took her to a shelter. I looked around to see if I could see any of the girls I had come with, but more bombs were falling and I needed somewhere to shelter. I heard another screaming bomb and threw myself behind a hedge and covered my ears against the bang.

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I absolutely teach my children not to tease, taunt or bully anyone. But, I do not think that being torn to shreds by bears is fitting for the ‘crime’. Imprinting stories like this in children’s brains in the hopes of teaching a lesson or imparting a warning is at least bordering on being emotionally abusive, I think..

Eh while it clear I muddled about the “veganism ness” of a product or service, I still think its symbolically problematic. Sort of like wearing pseudo leather, but not exactly. If one knows that people will consume the products of unnecessary testing as long as the exploitation is no longer needed, it does seem to psychologically allow for one to adopt those unnecessary testing practices in the first place.

BunnynSunny from Clinton Hill says:Report abuseFeb. Dinkins safe streets policing which included enforcing minor crimes(like public drinking) lead directly to the crime drop. Giuliani was a terrible mayor. “Children in rural schools are getting a raw deal because of where they live, and constitutionally, that’s not right.” That’s why Hager says East Carter County R 2 would support the lawsuit. “Our school board has pledged their support to that financially,” he tells Heartland News. “We feel like that’s the only way rural Missouri can compete.”.