The first volleys came during the opening remarks. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, the only new face at Tuesday’s debate, criticized what he called “wish list economics,” a thinly veiled shot at the big, expensive proposals offered up by Warren and Sanders.

Simple. Just a couple of weeks ago when he implicated other refs, not a peep was heard from the Association. It is the most unimginative, play it safe decision any GM can make. Searching the abandoned luxury sports car, they made a grotesque discovery. An older looking white man had been stuffed in the trunk, with piles of clothes and bedding covering his dead body, according to court records released Wednesday and obtained by KSNV. Blood spattered the driver’s seat headrest and back seat.

For fairly priced vintage, I go to the Brooklyn Flea, but stick to the booths run by older “bridge and tunnel” type folks rather than younger hipper types with slick and well curated booths. These are likely to be people who live cheaply outside the city and truck in the cheap junk directly. Because their overhead is so low, they tend to price things a lot more realistically and be a little more open to bargaining.

And you’ll never guess who’s made the countdown. Pictured:Gina Stewart Vikki Campion, who made headlines earlier this year over her affair with former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, placed at No. 97 in the Hot 100. And that information turned out to be eye opening. Kim said the couple’s baby carries a genetic variant that puts her at elevated risk of a disease as an adult. For privacy reasons, she didn’t want to be more specific.

I think Roques motivation was made clear. He would have become more of a Politico or Bronze if not for Darrow shifting the paradigm at the Institute. So he was loyal to Darrow because Darrow gave him the path to be commander. Yet Jim’s life has been all but average. He was born to military parents. They were both American citizens serving in Japan after WWII.

Things were so bad in mid December that Horry, though determined to make what would become a very difficult transition from small forward to power forward with the Lakers, nearly left those responsibilities to return to Houston. He ultimately stayed when his wife called one day and told him there were improvements. So he stayed and got criticized and booed..

Long story short, the general had more material ordinance at his duck hunting cabin than some nations. He and his army buds would get drunk and fire off .50 cal rounds. The next day we go in to the town about 20 or so minutes away and see an old clean cut fart driving a wwii era CJ5 with a .50 cal mounted on it.