There are 202.3 million blogs on tumblr. Say only a quarter of those are individual, active, functioning blogs. That 50,575,000 users (vaguely). The supersized versions of a wedge cut fry are a local specialty in the Pacific Northwest, and ‘Reel M’ Inn makes some of the biggest ones around. The cooks quarter 7 inch potatoes (one order comes with all four pieces), then batter them and fry the wedges skin on. Just beware: The wait can be long on busy nights.

Oakley said the Magic could benefit from rule changes expected to hamper the Knicks. Hand checking has been eliminated, and the Knicks were perhaps the best in the league at defending with their hands. The tactic allowed them to slow down quicker, faster players such as the Magic’s Anfernee Hardaway and Nick Anderson..

The Random Drink option is fun to help you decide at the bar, and it is a great way to give options when hosting a party. They are very small and relegated to the top of the screen so it does not end up being distracting. This is much better than each drink giving you a link to buy liquor online.

Shutter Island has divided the movie community. Some people love it for its pacing and a gripping, dark story. Others, however, didn’t like the ambiguous ending. It didn have to be sports. We just wanted them to do something they would enjoy. Dabbled in a number of sports, but eventually he came back to the one place it seemed he always end up on the wrestling mat..

And with the way we have so many algorithims designed to link you with other like minded people, from Youtube to Facebook, it designed to keep you online and they do that by matching your interests. This gives a false belief that your ideas are gaining broader momentum and that it not a fringe idea anymore. Then when it never truly gets broad appeal people get frustrated and look for an outlet.

602, Liverpool, Sandra Jackson, same address. Frank E. Adamski CPA, 4852 Glinden Lane, Syracuse, Frank Adamski, same address. Then, unexpectedly, a letter arrived Elizabeth had been accepted to the Geneva Medical College of New York! Elated, Elizabeth packed her things and moved to New York, striding proudly up to the dean of students and extending her acceptance letter only to see the blood drain from his face. The dean spluttered, shocked; when he had gotten the application letter from Elizabeth, he hadn’t known what to do with it, so he had shown it to the faculty. The faculty in turn showed it to their all male students, asking if they should go ahead and admit her, but if even a single student objected they wouldn’t.