Even in routine operations, you can split up responsibilities for navigation, coordination or whatever else. If they flying into a busy military airfield, such as a ship, it easier (for a controller) to land X sections of 2 aircraft, than it is to land 2X single aircraft. If those transport helicopters are carrying people on a tactical mission, and they carrying a single unit that will be operating together, they might want both sets of passengers to land as close together as possible, which means flying relatively close together immediately prior to landing..

However, a top Pakistani government official at the time said Ali Shamkhani, the senior Iranian military officer named by Khan, came to Islamabad, Pakistan, seeking help on nuclear weapons. The former official also said Khan, acting with the knowledge of other top officials, then accelerated a secret stream of aid. Ambassador to Pakistan at the time, Robert Oakley, separately said in an interview that he thinks Pakistan’s top military officer urged and approved Khan’s bomb related assistance to Iran..

But his intense, micromanaging approach to putting out a magazine aimed at young readers and adults was a proven success. When he took over as editor in 1956, circulation hovered around 375,000. When it peaked in 1974, it was more than 2 million.. Classic pink princess dress for children. Whether for Halloween, dress up parties, school projects, or just for fun, children have. Always loved to dress up! Rubie’s Costume is happy to provide children with hundreds of costume choices whether you’re looking for a classic or modern version of a witch, monster, or ghost, a princess dress, historical figure, or their favorite character from movies or TV.

I don’t remember how big it was (I imagine the largest frame they sold), and it was stock, with disc brakes. I mostly plan on riding for pleasure, probably trips of 20 25 miles or less for the most part, mostly on bike paths, but occasionally on streets. Riding on the road may become more common depending on where in the city I move and work as time goes on.

As soon as he came in he sat down, “What the f they looking at, why they looking at me, where dolan at?” I said sir calm down. [She was trying to take his order because he had mentioned to the runner something about popcorn] He said “Do you know who I am? Why the hell these f’n security guards in my face, why they looking at me.” The security guards came over and said some words. He said “get out of my face.” I didn’t communicate with him.