He was the loved father of Gloria (Frank) Cauley, Jim (Brenda Coleman) Ferrier and Dianne (Garrick) Klahm and the especially proud grandfather of Michelle (Steven) Kwan, Jordan Johnstone, James (Laura) Ferrier, Emily Ferrier, Heather (Nick) Oakley, Alexandra and Ashley Klahm and step grandson Rob Cauley. Orville was the cherished great grandfather of Audrey and Violet Kwan, Isobel Ferrier and Leah Oakley. He will be sadly missed by his sisters Gladys (Earl) Lally and Marion Ferrier and sister in law Marion (late Lorne) Wright.

We have very high ceilings in our apartment and can get a tall tree, but we would like to avoid renting a truck and I don’t think any of our nearby friends have the type of vehicle that would be better. If we must, we will further investigate those options or delivery or whatever, but first I want to rule out using my own car. I’ve never transported anything on my own roof and I have no rack but I know trees get home this way all the time.

“I can only imagine the frustration and discouragement over this issue for some people. The people that want to The Words are honest, they sincere, they motivated by compassion and conviction, they deserve respect and civility,” Hill said. “But there are other people who are just as sincere in their convictions.

Finding BeautyBeauty is everywhere and it is not our eyes that see it, it is our hearts that see beauty. In the beginning of the fairy tale, the beauty starts with that one little rose. A rose so beautiful that each petal opens separately with delicate grace and an inner shine, one we see immediately with our eyes and our heart.

Unfortunately, few students have learned to harness the learning process and give up before they ever get to try. Barbara Oakley, gave up on math as a kid, thinking she didn have the mental faculties for it. She went from not being able to read an analog clock to becoming a professor of engineering, conducting research in bioengineering with emphasis on neuroscience and cognitive psychology..

William (Bill) Weicker, an RCAF pilot during the Second World War, died, along with 20 others, in a plane crash near the Estevan airport on September 15, 1946. The group was on their way back from North Dakota where they had been returning planes leased by Canada from the United States during the war. Here he is pictured shaking hands with his younger brother, who shortly after the photo was taken, was killed over Germany during the war.

I’ll include both versions I really am a firm believer in holding on to our food traditions. And Granny Bert was a Southern Girl who knew how to work with few ingredients to get awesome results. Yet part of that is also not losing dishes entirely because they may not be the best health wise, that is.