Thomas Crapper, a sanitary engineer. And Anthony Weiner, well, you get the idea. “It’s possible that you are drawn to what your name keeps reminding you about, ” said Alter. The legislature approved the bill Thursday and Gov. Roy Cooper (D) signed it, reversing a law that required transgender people to use public bathrooms matching the gender on their birth certificates. The new law drew intense opposition from civil rights advocates because it bans local governments from passing measures to protect LGBT people.

Carter night started with a massive roar when he checked in from the crowd and a vintage shot that saw him hang in the air long enough that Jonas Valanciunas had to come down. Carter talked of his admiration for Julius Erving (the first man to congratulate him back in the day when he won that thrilling slam dunk contest, which Carter said was an unbelievable twist to that unforgettable night) and he waxed poetic about his veteran teammates like Charles Oakley, Dell Curry, Dee Brown, Kevin Willis, etc. Who helped him so much early on.

SECOND WORLD WAR DECLARED BY ENGLAND NOT GERMANY!Jump to Last Post 1 6 of 6 discussions (48 posts)Another lie that we’ve been fed to. I’ve learnt like everybody that the Allies declared war to Germany because it invaded Poland on Sept 1939, the truth is different. Georges VI’s speech says it all! You will notice that the style is the copycat of the one we use to justify our invasions (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria.).It’s too long winded! What George VI’s adviser thought of early draft of the King’s SpeechDocument, announcing the outbreak of World War II, shows Britain was ready to declare war on Germany a week before Hitler invaded PolandFamous address was depicted in Colin Firth’s 2010 film, The King’s SpeechDocument, uncovered after 74 years, is to be auctioned next monthBy William TurvillPUBLISHED: 06:42 EST, 24 November 2013 UPDATED: 20:42 EST, 24 November 2013An early version of the ‘King’s Speech’ reveals Britain was preparing to declare war on Germany before Hitler invaded Poland.George VI’s address to the nation, depicted in the 2010 movie starring Colin Firth as the stammering monarch, had been written at least nine days beforehand.The three page document that has come to light is entitled ‘Draft King’s Speech’ and is dated August 25, 1939.This early draft of the King’s Speech, announcing the outbreak of war, was criticised for being too long windedThis early draft of the King’s Speech, announcing the outbreak of war, was written at least nine days before George VI addressed the nationThe document, which was written on August 25, 1939 seven days before Germany’s invasion of Poland has come to light after 74 years.The typed document, the second draft of the speech, was retained by civil servant Harold Vale Rhodes, who had previously written a first attempt.Although the tone remained the same, some of the content was significantly different.