That is life. All we can do is learn from them and not make them a second time. We can’t change the past. The blackberries above are from my garden, the space that they grow in is about 4 inches in depth, it is a long thin trench alongside a fence, it takes up no space whatsoever and it blossoms and bears an amazing amount of fruit every single year. In front of it, taking another few inches of precious room is a row of raspberry bushes which again fruit every year, so much so in fact that I have to freeze a lot of what they produce, make jam and give them away by the bowlful to friends and neighbours. There is something amazingly rewarding about picking these berries just as they ripen and popping them into my mouth as I pass by on my way up and down the garden and if I can grow things this delicious so can you..

2) Disrobe. Get into the tub and begin thinking about why you don’t love yourself. Talk to your Goddess, tell her what it is about yourself that makes it hard to love yourself. The prescription sunglass lenses on the Commits broke near the mounts after being repeatedly squashed in a backpack going though +50K miles and air security and whatnot (minus the hard case). Oakley replaced them gratis per policy as the mounts should have handled that kind of stress and this prob doesn affect the non prescription. The glasses hard case is physically huge and pricy, the nose pads sometimes pop off after months of hard or careless wear (replacement is 10$), and don use Dawn to clean them, only very little softsoap if you must, or better still just water.

Abortion is a very difficult decision and the procedure can be done without jeopardizing the lives of the women. I read the Grand Jury report; this man and his staff did horrible things. Those babies suffered. His nephew determined to gather his manuscripts and publish his complete works, which appeared at Paris in 1571, with subsequent editions at Venice in 1578 and 1589. The Catholicism of 1571 was far more defensive than that of 1517. To avoid trouble with the Inquisition Contarini’s nephew and his assistants had to excise several passages which echoed Erasmus’s criticism of popular Catholic practices.

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