La cancin tiene otra particularidad. Acostumbrados a tocar temas completamente instrumentales o canciones cantadas donde la voz siempre aparece despus de una meloda de vientos muy protagnica (a la jamaiquina), en “Sin voz” hicimos lo contrario: el gesto absolutamente conceptual y consciente de que apenas suene un golpe de redoblante y ah noms comience la voz. De “Sin voz”.

Patio furniture covers will also prevent substances from becoming embedded in the fabric and the cushions. Here in the South, pollen is a big problem. Our patio furniture cushions have become literally saturated with yellow pollen at certain times of the year, making it almost impossible to remove.

Has been brought to our attention that the dispute in the hotel policy escalated to where the police were involved due to threat in safety of hotel staff, a representative replied via Facebook Messenger. Sincere apologies for any frustrations this has caused you. Regrettably, as you have indicated you are seeking legal counsel, we will be unable to assist further with this matter.

For some 20 years I’ve been organizing various events, usually working with volunteers on a tiny activist sized budget, and this brings up a very interesting interplay of motivations, traps, fallacies, euphoric successes and heartbreaking failures. I’d like to write about it. In the past it’s been activism.

It provides critical illness cover of 10,000 for staff but also a lump sum of 2500 for a child.Shirley, who is married to Colin, 48, a shop fitter, said: “When Erin’s diagnosis was confirmed, we were taken to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.Read MoreTop news stories today”She was initially hospitalised for 31 days, during which she had failed chest port surgery, lost all her hair and was very ill.”She had to have blood and platelet transfusions before any treatment could begin and, when it did, she had a serious allergic reaction to the platelets and the chemo and steroids hit her hard.”The following eight months were very difficult as Erin had to have three chest surgeries over and above intensive chemo.”The next stage involved three or four hospital visits a week and admissions due to infection. We were all nearly at breaking point.”Shirley realised she could claim in August so contacted Reed.Police Scotland blasted by murdered gangster family over drive by hitThey told her to send an email and advised the claim would be dealt with on a without prejudice basis.Shirley, who is also a mum to Caitlin, 17, said: “They said I was over time as the form had to be submitted within 180 days from the date you are made aware of the condition.”I explained what we’d been through and that no one at Reed had mentioned this. They said they’d liaise with the insurers.”But Reed got back to her last week refusing to pay.Shirley said: “I am Erin’s main carer and she still has 10 months of chemo remaining so 2500 would make a huge difference.”I got on to Reed.