Average earnings growth in the most recent quarter 12.8 per cent, down from 26 per cent in the March 2004 quarter. But did anyone think 26 per cent was a growth rate that could be maintained? Three out of four companies earned more than expected and profits rose by almost 13 per cent, off the higher base that last year’s earnings bounce created. That doesn’t sound like wrist slashing news to me.

100% polyester. Imported. Main dual zip compartment for your smaller essentials. And Jealous is interesting for lots of reasons beyond his age. Certainly being 35 puts him smack dab in the, you know, hip hop or, you know, post civil rights, post black power generation. Today is Malcolm X’s birthday.

Moroder and Summer would enjoy an extraordinarily fruitful 1970s and the apex was reached in the summer of 1977 with ‘I Feel Love’, a song that surely ranks among the most influential ever. In a celebrated anecdote, David Bowie recalls the first time he heard it: “One day in Berlin [during the making of the Heroes album] Eno came running in and said, ‘I have heard the sound of the future’ and he puts on ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer. He said, ‘This is it, look no further.

Current streamflow forecasts are near normal across the state, between 90 to 115% of average. The exceptions are the South Hills drainages (Oakley and Salmon Falls) which are forecast at about 135% of normal while the Bear River at Stewart Dam is only forecast at 69% of average due to upstream diversions. The Snake River near Heise is forecast at 96% of average and should provide adequate irrigation supplies for the Magic Valley water users..

I deeply regret my abortion at 21, and I don regret at all having my daughter as a single mom. I was terrified of telling my parents I was pregnant, but three years later, my older sister got pregnant, and they gave her 10000.00 for a down payment on a condo, and supported her and her daughter completely, which was very hard for me after I had the abortion. Every time they called my niece their first grandchild, I winced.

DOT Jr. Goes to magnet school. He’s a certified smarty pants, with assessments at genius level, consistently high/honor roll grades, multiple student of the month awards, etc. The rain gives nature a shower and everything looks so clean and the colors and more saturated. The leaves of trees are greener and the bark is darker. Grasses show their natural colors more brilliantly.

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