Gov. Chris Christie today announced the Hall of Fame’s 2012 class, which includes Mara; Campbell’s condensed soup inventor John Dorrance; the legendary E Street Band; late publishing tycoon Samuel I. Newhouse Sr. With all of these changes Lola ended up providing the only chassis in CART aside from a few teams running old Reynard pieces. Now on top of all of that during 2001 and 2002 there were plans to try and make the next generation of IRL and CART chassis the same, so CART teams could more easily participate in the Indy 500. But with Reynard collapse this plan was shoved in favor of just freezing all chassis development until a new Chassis manufacturer came around (which didn happen).

In Cleveland, the two cornerstone players of the Cano deal Justin Dunn and Jarred Kelenic played in the Futures Game by night and charmed a gaggle of local scribes by day with their poise and their candor, so there was that. In Tampa, Travis d’Arnaud discarded by Van Wagenen like an empty beer can after all of 25 plate appearances this year, followed up his walk off homer against the Yankees by getting another hit, scoring another run and making a terrific defensive play at first. So there was that..

Personally, though there have been several live gigs that I have been either unable to afford or have wanted my money back, recorded music is somewhat of a bargain, usually the equivalent of an hour or two’s work, in exchange for hours of infinite pleasure. I think all of us wish that our musical dollar went more to the performers themselves than the multi national corporations that just happen to own a record company. So three cheers for those who are at least making a gesture of subversion when it comes to not only making the musical product, but distributing it as well.

Free.ESG: Led by four sisters by the name of Scroggins, New York’s ESG introduced punk DIY ethic into dance music way back in the late ’70s and went on to record with Martin Hannett after signing with Factory Records. After three decades of wonderful generation inspiring music they’ve influenced everyone from Salt N Pepa to Beastie Boys to Yeah Yeah Yeahs ESG are finally calling it a day: this will be their final ever tour, so make the most of them whilst you can. Sunday 19 January 7.30pm.

Another item looks like one of those hand exercisers used to strengthen your forearms. Troops, Kosovo, and DucksThat, and Kelly’s mention of “non issue clothing,” calls to mind another incident when detainees were caught with contraband. In 2007, Gitmo officials accused lawyer Clive Stafford Smith of smuggling underwear to his client, detainee Shaker Aamer.