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The simple fact of the matter is, we are who we are because of those who came before us. Even those generations ago that we did not meet have influenced our lives. Everything from our DNA to our family traditions have at some point come from those who lived long ago.

But to reiterate one more time, yes the Lakers should be tanking the second half. Let be honest, it take a while before the Lakers get back to the playoffs, but the main focus right now is to improve every day and continue to learn to play confidently together. And in order to do that, you have to try to win as many games as you can, see what you good at and where the holes are..

And he’d planned this obviously because on the table in the living [room], I mentioned all the bling including the Movado watch I gave him at my wedding, was carefully laid out. And there were some notes, some of them incomprehensible, some of them very angry. Talking about this one because my wife wants me to, and because if you ever think of doing this, your pain will end.

The real learning always starts after school. What I find is we as human beings are incredible learning machines and learn efficiently already. What the OP seems to really be saying is a watered down approach to making another person happy with what they think you need to learn.

JET is no slouch either but is a lazy lad and lacks the enthueasim of the other lads.Its hard at this level to get the best youth players as all clubs are looking at the same guys. It may be that we will have to recruit the schools athletics sprint team and teach them to play football. If I remember Walcott had pace but couldnt really play football until Wenger got his hands on him.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that happens in stages; the problem is that by the time you reach the dangerous stages you are so far addicted that turning back is a very difficult process. I began as a social drinker; I loved the effects of alcohol; I loved socializing with friends; I loved the self confidence it gave me and I loved who I became when I drank. Early on I could drink socially, have a couple beers and go days without drinking and not give it a thought.