People on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. People on the roof of the National Gallery of Art’s East Wing. Some say this isn’t such a big crowd. We were not ourselves tonight. Kevin Garnett had eight points and 10 rebounds on the day he tied Charles Oakley for 15th place on the NBA career list with his 1,282nd game. He was also front and center when things got testy..

As a native of Texas, I would have to say Joe Ely, ZZ Top before 1983, and Stevie Ray Vaughn should be on this list. But I’m not very cultured in Texas music so I’m probably overlooking some better stuff. From the ladies, Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith are my faves.

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Had a really good horse, and I kind of let it get away from me a little bit, Watson admitted. Probably had a chance to win the round (on Saturday), and I didn want to pass another one up. To his haul of $5,500 on Sunday, Watson moved up to second in the aggregate standings with $11,000 in earnings behind Thurston, who has amassed $13,000 so far..