You won 56 of those games by 40 points or more, 97 of 100 games by double digits. This is inhumane. Thinks should take his talents to a higher level, but Williams is glad he giving us something to pay attention to. I suppose that the answer lies in how we would define “success”. If America could somehow persuade the Afghanis to liberalize their attitudes toward other religions besides Islam, treat their women with dignity and respect, educate their girls as well as their boys, cultivate other agricultural crops instead of opium poppies, maintain a society that respects the rule of law, etc., then we might be able to say that the war ended successfully for us. The Afghanis could then be a potential bulwark against terrorism.

The fifth generation iPod is delectable. (I can almost stop complaining.) With a 60 GIG version, I can take a musical library with me enough space for 15,000 songs. Since most people don’t have that many songs stored up, they’ll have plenty of space left for all your digital photos and even a couple of videos.

Clinton’s embarrassing second term didn’t seem to provide lessons, insofar as the Republicans plunged ahead with their own (effectively) white trash candidate in 2008, Alaska governor Sarah Palin. The devastatingly direct Frank Rich of the New York Times referred to the Republican ticket as “Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage.” Did the venerable John McCain of Arizona, ordinarily a savvy politician, have a lapse in judgment here? Slate produced an online video of Palin’s hometown of Wasilla, painting it as a forgettable wasteland, a place “to get gas and pee” before getting back on the road. Wasilla was elsewhere described as the “punch line for most redneck jokes told in Anchorage.” Erica Jong wrote in the Huffington Post, “White trash America certainly has allure for voters,” which explains the photoshopped image of Palin that appeared on the Internet days after her nomination.

Mr. Frobouck hails from Pittsburgh, as did Agnew Brown when the firm was active in the late 19th century. That was when all target balls were made, before giving way to clay pigeons (or skeet).. Saddle bridge sits comfortably on the face. 5 barrel hinges for an easy open and close. SuperThin glass offers optimum clarity and scratch resistance while being 20% lighter than other glass lenses.

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