I walk for 15 minutes before sitting down at one of my favorite places, right after the row of yacht clubs. There are several benches, a pretty star in the center of the concrete, and a rail that seagulls love to stand on one on each post. I watch as one bird intimidates another out of his spot, prompting that one to chase the one next to him off.

On a Saturday afternoon, Saleh Haji Ali, who works at a state owned cement factory, brought his four children to play in the yard below the Citadel. Haji Ali is one of the few people who have moved back into eastern Aleppo. He fled his home in Myasar district when rebels took over the eastern half in 2012, then came back after their defeat and repaired his apartment..

Karen: I usually spend no longer than five minutes on my make up and rarely touch it up during the day. I also tend to use safe eye colours, adding more when I go out. The makeover introduced me to copper and gold tones and the difference was incredible.

Now, in 2019, you need a university degree, 2 3 years experience, participation in clubs and volunteered to get an entry level position that underpays. My point isn about how not all degrees are worth the same or require the same effort or come from different schools. My point is more about how Universities have adapted to a market where people need a degree to get a job.

About A$37 million of group brand value was locked up in the DaKine outdoor clothing and backpack label which Billabong sold to Altamont last month.Four other brands, including Element skateboards and Palmers surfboard accessories, were also written down to a zero valuation, according to the statements.Full year losses widened to A$860 million in the year ended June from a A$276 million loss in the previous 12 months, compared to the A$547 million average loss expected from four analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. A 14% fall in sales put revenue below the company operating costs and the company took a loan from Altamont Capital Partners to refinance its debt.The stock dropped 5.3% to close at 53.5 cents in Sydney, the lowest level since Aug. 7.The company has agreed to a $294 million refinancing deal with a group led by Altamont Capital Partners and is studying a rival offer from a group including Oaktree Capital Management LP and Centerbridge Partners LP.

Credit risk funds recorded outflows of Rs 2,695 crore in June, according to data released by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).”Credit default events in NBFCs is taking a toll on the credit risk funds. There is a fear in the market that some more money will be lost if they don’t withdraw. The format requires categorisation of schemes into various segments, open ended, close ended, and equity oriented schemes.Under the income/debt oriented schemes, another category that saw a significant drop was medium duration funds that registered outflows of Rs 956 crore in July.On the other hand, in the same category, liquid funds which are used by companies to park surplus cash witnessed inflows of Rs 45,441 in July compared to outflows Rs 1.52 lakh crore in June.After six months of outflows, balanced funds category saw inflows of Rs 674 crore in July.