After working with Jim Adams on a variety of economic development and community projects, I understand why Soddy Daisy is fortunate to have Jim serve on their behalf. He is a wise man with a vision for the city that goes far into the 21st century. He deserves to be re elected..

In addition, after the ‘overt’ nuclearisation of the subcontinent in 1998, the use of force to solve the Kashmir issue was no longer an option. A kind of ‘no war possible’ pact came into existence. Both Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif recognised this and the peace process was begun with Lahore Bus Diplomacy in 1999.

We were from different generations but we both appreciated the art of photography. The one subject that we both loved to shoot was nature, especially flowers and plants. The wide array of vibrant color and shapes was enticing, and even better, right in our backyard.

Thus the same English African language mixture that was used between slave and master had also to be used between slave and slave. All this notwithstanding, it is only logical to assume that the newly arrived Africans were, for a time at least, bilingual, having command of both their native African tongue and the English pidgin as well. However, there was no opportunity to speak and thus reinforce their native language, and as new generation of slaves were born in the New World, the native African speech was heard and used less and less, and the English pidgin and creole varieties more and more.

The in question is an account in which customers incur an $8.95 fee monthly ($107.40 annually) for a service that most banks provide free of charge. The paper account fee is intended to make one of two things occur: Customers will either pay the fee (which brings in the bank new revenues) or they opt out of the paper statements and view their accounts for free online (which saves banks the cost of mailing letters out every month). Either way the bank wins..

The Bengali cuisine at Calcutta Cricket Club is a departure from what people usually associate with “Indian food” in Canada. Rene says, “Most of the food you see in Indian restaurants in Canada is Punjabi style food which is heavy and rich. Bengali food is lighter and more fragrant.

Gun control advocates count their victories by how many gun rights laws they stop. And by that measure, 2017 was a surprisingly good year for them. Legislatures in 17 states rejected bills to allow guns in schools. These two dancers ooze professionalism and when Mr Mizrahi adds to all this a superb high tenor singing voice, the roof of the theatre lifts off and you think this is what Irving Berlin must have visualised when Annie was being created originally. But each one of the dance numbers is a joy, so it becomes impossible to choose between them, so you just sit back and smile. Although I stopped smiling when I found there were cuts..