In 2012, a Senate ethics panel was convened over a complaint against then Senate Resources Chairman Monty Pearce, R New Plymouth, for failing to disclose, through 22 votes, that he had a conflict of interest over oil and gas legislation. He disclosed the conflict before the final vote; he had oil and gas leases on his land. The Senate committee declined to sanction Pearce..

On Tuesday, House and Senate Democrats held a news conference to give their response to GOP Gov. Butch Otter’s State of the State message a day earlier, and used the opportunity to endorse three new ethics laws this session: The financial disclosure bill; a “revolving door” law to restrict former lawmakers from immediately returning to the Statehouse as lobbyists without a waiting period; and an effort to ban lobbying of the executive branch by prospective contractors during the time that requirements for big new contracts are being developed. “That needs to be more carefully monitored and managed,” said House Minority Leader John Rusche, D Lewiston..

Graduate of the Boston Conservatory.CAROLANNE MARANO (Co Director/Choreographer) has been a professional dancer/actor for the past 30 years. She returns to Rubicon having recently worked as Director and Choreographer for James and the Giant Peach Jr. And choreographer for In the Heights.

JR. RANGER DAY CAMP: Edgar Evins State Park will be hosting its first Junior Ranger Day Camp for children between 8 12 years old from July 13 18. Some of the events will include hiking, birds of prey, canoeing, survivor skills and more. 2. Reorganize Your Content. Again, it would be good to make all these adjustments before you publish but sometimes we want to get the information out there.

The unknown man was found, and secretly moved to Ireland while MJ was recording there. He got the impersonator Michael (IM) to get plastic surgery with Patrick Treacy to look much closer to the current MJ. IM would then invite Access Hollywood into his studio to see if the world noticed it wasn the real MJ.

You know and I know that there’s nothing Michael enjoys more than winning. And not just winning, but winning in such a way that removes an opponent’s will. Throughout his career, Jordan delighted in when he could really send a message. Sink, Joan M. Smith, Debra J. Spiers, Candy M.

Baker’s campaign released his first adof the general election last week, the day after Baker won the Republican primary. Baker’s ad focused on his history creating jobs and saving Harvard Pilgrim health insurance company from bankruptcy. It mentions that he supports abortion rights and focuses on Baker’s support for lowering taxes, controlling government spending and requiring work for welfare..