The property benefits from a wide entrance hall which gives access to the Sitting Room and Dining Room both with bay windows to the front elevation. On the south side of the house is a delightful study/snug with fitted library bookshelves. The kitchen/breakfast room has an extensive range of wooden butcher’s block working surfaces with matching breakfast bar.

The ‘s patent was applied for in the US in 1967. The was introduced at American trade shows in January 1969 but it was not until April 1969 when Raleigh s were available for public to purchase. The bike featured a choice of a single speed coaster hub, or a 3 speed or 5 speed Sturmey Archer gear hub, selected using a frame mounted console gear lever one of its “cool” features.

The Rise of Choose Your Own AdventureThe very first book in the Choose Your Own Adventure series was The Cave of Time, written by Edward Packard in 1979. It was published by American publisher Bantam Books, who were the first to publish Choose Your Own Adventure books, also known as Gamebooks. The book was met with huge amounts of success.

Resourceful Alice Parker Isom aided neighbors with transporting their sorghum and dried fruit to Salt Lake City. The trip could be made in about 16days and they returned with wagonloads of flour and salt from the Great Salt Lake’s shore for her customers. Shealso took a course in the much needed skill of obstetricsand traveled up and down the river delivering babies.

The great attraction in the West, as it was for men, was free land. Homestead Act of 1862 treated men and women equally as potential landowners a remarkably radical move for 19th century property rights. Between 1875 and 1900, approximately a quarter of a million American women ran their own farms and ranches..

In the background of all this reptilian dominance were the mammals which remained small throughout the Mesozoic, but whose numbers began to increase markedly especially towards the end of the Cretaceous.In the seas there was also a change, as previously dominant predators, such as the ichthyosaurs and pliosaurs, gave way to swift predatory fish such as Xiphactinus, and a new breed of giant reptile, the terrifying mosasaurs, the archetype sea monster, and the top predator of its age.In the air the pterosaurs grew large with species such as Ornithocheirus and Pteranodon being able to glide across vast distances, possibly even across entire continents. But the age of the pterosaurs dominating the skies was drawing to an end, now they were joined in ever increasing droves by small feathered flying dinosaurs that are known to us as birds. As well as the small flyers, there were also varieties of large, flightless seabirds, such as Hesperornis.The end of the Cretaceous, 65 million years ago saw a mass extinction event that removed an estimated 40 per cent of the known animal families on Earth.