The doctor called my son in earlier than we had imagined and referred him for an ECG. In booking that appointment the receptionist managed to fit us in later that evening, and again we were called in earlier than expected. After the ECG was taken, we were told to sit and wait and the doctor then saw my son with the ECG results in between his other patients.

Cobalt quickly transformed from a star performer to a headache for the world biggest producer of the key battery ingredient. After quadrupling in two years, prices have now collapsed back to the lowest since 2016 as new supplies pour into the market. With few hedging tools available the downturn left Glencore trading business with a US$350 million loss on inventories it had built up the slump left Glencore exposed and forced the radical plan of shutting Mutanda..

Among vectors there are “true” vectors (like velocity), covectors (like momentum), and pseudo vectors (like angular momentum), in fact all tensor quantities are categorized by representations of orthogonal (in relativity Lorentz) group. This also comes with a nice calculus describing how tensor types combine under various operations (dot product, tensor product, wedge product, contractions, etc.). One reason for rewriting Maxwell’s electrodynamics in terms of differential forms is to keep track of them.

OR maybe you sit around and wonder about things like the average amount of breats a person takes in a day. Well then, this book is for YOU. And for that other person over there. I jumped up and said what the hell are you doing or something to that effect and the man vanished. After that we moved to an air mattress in the living room floor where there was less activity. It appeared the most activity was in the bedroom and bathroom..

The cafe manager was really apologetic, apparently they had the same sandwich on the non vegan menu (why not call it something else on the vegan one then!!!) and the waitress wasn’t feeling well so hadn’t noticed which menu I ordered off then handed to her to take away. I sure as fuck didn’t feel well the rest of the day, I could taste the cow cheese for hours. Can’t believe I used to enjoy it, it was so greasy and literally tasted like vomit..

After all, according to the title of a 2014 Los Angeles Times article by Matt Pearce, least four Marlboro Men have died of smoking related diseases. Those once ruggedly handsome cowboys pictured with a cigarette dangling from their lips, probably ended up with plastic tubes and oxygen tanks just like my son late father. If only, he could have listened when his little boy begged, Please don smoke.