He has even defied Khamenei, his key backer, by initially refusing to withdraw his choice for first vice president despite the supreme leader’s objections. While it is difficult to know exactly what the dispute between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad reflects, it is surely a sign of an increasingly divided ruling elite.The hyperbole in America and Israel about apocalyptic mullahs with nukes missed the big story in Iran, which was that the mullahs were not apocalyptic, and they were fading in influence anyway. One might have said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is losing its distinct religious basis of power and becoming another Middle Eastern dictatorship except that it now hosts an opposition movement that does not seem ready to quiet down.What does this turmoil mean for Washington and the world’s dealings with Iran? Obviously it makes negotiating with Tehran close to impossible right now.

Plastics are the most harmful thing to the environment due to its inability to break down. Marine life often mistake it for food and try to eat it which causes them extreme harm. Every year nearly 100,000 marine animals die from plastic ingestion of entanglement.

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Need proof? Oakley, a Republican candidate for Pasco County Commission, offers his time on the governing board of the Southwest Florida Water Management District. His mailer makes a pair of specific claims about his experience with the agency’s budget. It helps to quote at length:”Ron Oakley was a consistent voice and vote for lower taxes.

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STRATFORD Fulton County District Attorney Chad Brown said his office is prosecuting the charges involved with the abandonment of 22 dogs discovered by state police April 5, despite claims to the contrary circulating through social media.In an usual step, Brown issued a news release this week to dispel rumors that his office was not prosecuting Bentley Valdez, who was arrested April 6 by New York state police and charged with 22 misdemeanor counts of of failure to provide care to 22 French mastiffs, 9 of which were found dead at 404 County Highway 104 and another that has since died. The remaining dogs were found in various states of starvation and are now being sheltered and fed at the James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society, 437 Nine Mile Tree Road.