It reminds us of all the cruises we have taken and how much we love to cruise. We even have an ornament from a Christmas shop in a neighboring seaside town in which we have spent many enjoyable hours. It’s complete with a lighthouse on it because my husband loves lighthouses..

Houston should have been able to build on a career moment like that. He has come up small instead. All the Knicks have come up small, especially in the fourth quarter, when champions come up big. Protect your eyes when out in the field with the Field Stream Pointer Polarized Sunglasses. Perfect as your go to shades for outdoor adventures, these semi rimless sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and reduce glare. Color: Green.

All of it will be for naught, though, if Wall can’t lead the Wizards to wins over the Celtics in two of the next three games. While Boston is the top seed and has home court advantage, the Wizards have controlled each of the past three games; they allowed the Celtics to make a late comeback to win Game 2 in overtime in Boston before routing them at Verizon Center in Games 3 and 4. Washington is generally considered to have the better top end talent as proven by the starting five’s plus 75 mark in 69 minutes through the first four games of the series..

Vouchers are supposed to give parents a stipend for private schools. It is aimed at those who believe their local public schools are inadequate. However, this school “reform” measure usually looks good on paper rather than in practice. Vlad III Dracula got the nickname ‘the Impaler’ because of his preferred method of capital punishment impaling offenders on a wooden stake and leaving them to die slowly and painfully, sometimes over a number of days. This practice was condemned in a number of pamphlets published in western Europe by political and religious leaders. But western Europe was no stranger to torture as a means of law enforcement so why where they so quick to speak out about Vlad Dracula?.

Wasn’t that one fun? That had to be one of the most ridiculously hilarious endings that I’ve seen in some time, as the Wizards beat Eddie Jordan and his 76ers in his new digs. Flip Saunders left it up his young guys and one of his oldest guys to finish the game. And they finished all right with a series of bloopers before getting bailed out when the 76ers’ Willie Green provided the decisive gaffe..

5 round group from my last ladder test, with all others measuring under an inch.:With a little work on seating depth, I sure I could get better than that. It seems like a light load, but I found another node a little higher that will probably do the 6.5 justice.Honestly, though, with the trouble that it seems the majority of LRP owners are seeing with Savage chamber work, I hesitate to wholly recommend it. Just search “Savage 12 LRP chamber” to see how widespread the problems are.