When I’m invited to a couple’s wedding I usually add them to my Christmas card list if they’re not already on it, whether I go to the wedding or not. I don’t write individual notes in my cards, I just sign my name. Most cards I receive are that way too; a few do the mass “annual letter” thing, but I don’t recall ever receiving an individualized note in a Christmas card..

Nowhere near the action of last year’s HBO roller coaster, but it only takes him a few minutes to hit his stride with the tragedy of the Supreme Court’s striking down the execution of the retarded. Here and there, glimpses of a man whose no could do more to change the country than any words from Tom Daschle, Joe Lieberman, Nancy Pelosi or John Edwards.5) “Rolling Stones Live” (HBO, Jan. 19).

Then 2008 hit and California had to cut maintenance and projects even further. Now the state is flush and revenues are good. Since the federal transportation dollars are basically becoming less and less thanks to inflation and the fed not raising fuel taxes in over 20 years California acted.

His lodge is a place where people can go to experience pony play, a form of sexual role playing involving “ponies” and “riders”. Ed Milner (Mr. Ed) was a pony. I friends with people who are unsure if they want kids and people who are 110% sure they want kids though and they don give me shit about it, but they also don talk about their impending children (probably because most of us are in LTRs but not married?). I can also talk about how much I don want kids to them I think this is why you so tired? It doesn seem like a two way street with you and your best friend. She can talk about her future kids and you don feel comfortable talking about how you don want kids and just want pets instead.

But the electoral arithmetic makes things more complicated.England, Scotland and Wales do not have proportional representation. Instead the British use the first past the post voting system where winner takes all.The general election is not just a national contest but in effect a mini election in every one of those 650 parliamentary constituencies. And because of a bias currently built into the British system, the Conservatives in practice need a lead of more than 10 points in their share of the vote to be sure of winning even a single seat majority.The boundaries of parliamentary seats are periodically revised to keep them close to a notional average size.

Form: This game has no bearing on who will progress to the semi final stage of this season’s EDF Energy Cup. Bristol’s only home defeat in their last nine matches in all competitions since last March was 13 26 to Leicester in the Premiership on 16 September. Leeds Carnegie won their last away outing 23 20 at Dax in the European Challenge Cup but are still searching for that elusive first ever victory in the EDF Energy Cup.