Don’t Leave Home Without a GPSA dash mounted GPS is a popular and useful gift for the RVer. It will help them find their way to those out of the way camping spots, around detours and to that special attraction or restaurant they’ve read about. Those who drive motorhomes might appreciate a second GPS unit for their tow vehicle that they drive into town..

In other Google news, company headquarters in California got a visit from a group of Chinese Shaolin monks, the masters of kung fu. Led by abbot Shi Yongxin, the group tried on Google Glass and answered other questions from Google employees about their lifestyle in a cultural exchange. It also, coincidentally, produce the great photo op of a robed monk trying on Glass..

Across the country, many first generation college students drop out of college. Yet, these students especially need to finish their schooling because college degrees may represent their only chance to break generational poverty cycles. With GSP help, 97 percent of students in the program graduate within six years.

After your dog is fully vaccinated, you going to have to put in the effort to socialize him with other dogs and puppies as often and safely as possible. He going to need other dogs to teach him that biting is unacceptable and hurts. It going to suck for him but it will decrease his chances of being a liability as an adult dog.

Based in London, Whistles are a clothing company for women. Offering the latest fashion lines, designed at their head office. The items are distributed amongst their retail section, as well as their website. Canadians ignorance of the three territories has become something of a joke. (it in Nunavut), and referred to the Nunavut government as “provincial” (it territorial). The satirical site, The Beaverton, summed up this national knowledge gap aptly in a headline a few years ago: “Whitehorse changes name to to avoid confusion.”Ken Coates followed a career path that aimed to change that.

Remember Nellie Forbush? Portrayed by the actress Mitzi Gaynor, she “washed that man right outta her hair” for a few days as filming took place on Lumahai Beach. By the way, the sailors sang, “Nothing Like a Dame” at Blackpot Beach near the Hanalei Bay pier right near the St. Regis Hotel where most stars stay these days.

But not all hope is lost, my friends. In an unofficial poll of my peers via social media, it seems at least one was lucky enough to land a date after a shopping trip at the Hyde Park store. My buddy Rami, who has since moved away from Cincinnati, scored digits and dinner from a helpless babe bound to a scooter following some kind of leg injury.