Mashed Potato Topped With Cheese on Toasted BreadThis is a recipe for making a quick and tasty meal any time of the day or evening using leftover potatoes from your fridge.If you decide to cook the potatoes fresh rather than using scraps from the fridge you should allow an extra half hour to prepare, cook and mash the potatoes.The Mashed Potato and Cheese on Toast is a complete meal by itself so can be served on its own (one or two slices per person) or for added substance served with baked beans.As well as mashed potato and cheese, tomato and onion can optionally be added to each slice of toasted bread individually dependant on individual tastes of each family member and guest.Step By Step Visual Guide to Making Mashed Potato and Cheese on ToastClick thumbnail to view full sizeGather all your ingredients for making mashed potato and cheese on toastReheat or make your mashed potatoButter the toastAdd the reheated or cooked mashed potato and spread it out evenly over the toast with the back of a fork. Optionally also add the onion and cheese.Add grated or sliced cheese on top and put under the grill to cookMashed Potato and Cheese on Toast served with baked beans.Serve as a Quick Snack or a Complete MealOnce Cooked Serve Immediacy either with Baked Beans or on its Own as a SnackIf you’ve never tried potato and cheese on toast before you may wish to try it on its own for the first time as it is a very filling snack; and if you’re rather fond of milk then wash it down with a large glass of milk.Ideal for a quick lunch on a busy weekend or if you like to have a snack on your lap (served on a tray) in the evening in front of the Telly while watching your favourite TV series then this is an ideal snack for such an occasion.Quick to prepare and serve, it could almost be done in the adverts; especially if you pause ‘live TV’ until these Toasties are ready to serve.Natural Companion Foods and DrinksComplementary Foods for a Slightly Healthier MealYou may have noted I suggested milk to wash down your toasty as (for those who like milk) it goes exceptionally well with cheese and other saturated fat foods. This is because milk is one of a number of companion foods that helps to reduce the amount of saturated fat absorbed by the body during digestion.Drinking lots of milk with fatty foods isn’t an excuse to eat lots of fatty foods but if you are going to indulge in the odd unhealthy but nice snack then why not make it a little less unhealthy by having it with companion foods that reduces the amount of saturated fats digested.Pineapple is another healthy companion food that goes well with cheese, and which you may wish to include as an optional extra when preparing and serving your potato and cheese on toast.Likewise margarine is healthier than butter as unlike butter which (although nice) is full of saturated fats margarine is high in polyunsaturated fats.Grilling Your FoodOven GrillsIn Britain Oven Grills is standard in cookers, I can remember the days when grills use to be set above the hob (at eye level) where these days extractor hoods are fitted.