Fanart. Love a beautiful drawing as much as the next one but it has become an easy way to gain karma or editorialize titles. Remember, a lot of the posts aren actually theirs, just something they found somewhere else on the Internet. Flexible spring hinges to help provide more comfort and durability. Imported. WARNING Measurements: Eye Size: 55 mm Bridge: 15 mm Temple Size: 132 mm Weight: 1 oz read more.

Don’t make eye contact that’s an invitation to engage. If it’s too late, smile and keep doing what you’re doing. Forget what I said about eye contact above, because in this case acknowledgment is important. “It was tough out there. It pretty windy.” The women wheel went to 16 year old former runner Madeline Fasnacht, of Hobart, in her first victory of the carnival series. The highlight from the wood chopping arena was Deloraine Daniel Gurr who took out the 275mm Tasmanian tree felling championships and was all praise for his father Matt, after pipping him by one second in front of a knowledgeable crowd.

The current cluster of musicals offered an ideal opportunity to check in on the form as it’s treated in Central Texas today. After three members of the Chronicle Arts team each reviewed a musical now running Jillian Owens, The Sound of Music; Dan Solomon, Chess; myself, Annie Get Your Gun), we compared notes on what we’d seen and what it said about the state of the art form in our area. Here are our thoughts..

Unfortunately they met their match and were outplayed by the Bruins in this series. It was one of the most memorable, hard fought series I have ever witnessed. Lots of highs. What’s a bucket list? Okay, well these two terminally ill characters (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) whose paths would never normally cross, find themselves sharing a hospital room, despite one of them being the guy who owns the hospital. After much predictable character conflict, they decide they are going to leave their normal lives, run away together and do all the things they dreamed of doing but never did because they were busy working, making sacrifices, building a business and bringing up families. Somehow, they overcome their health issues to climb mountains and go on a wildlife safari before they kick the bucket, hence ‘bucket list’..

When we chose our apartment, we sadly were not aware of the Copper smelting plant across the street from where we live that has been contaminating the air and ground with lead for decades. Google air quality for EPA reports and other info on this topic. Apparently things have gotten better as the EPA has forced them to contend with some of their emissions, but I can see 3 other smoke stacks out my window that are visibly emitting something into the air.