A powerful share, I simply given this onto a colleague who was doing just a little evaluation on this. And he the truth is purchased me breakfast as a result of I found it for him. Smile. This is the way it goes in mood swinging New York, where one day the Knicks are a lock to win a championship and the next they’re a maddening, inconsistent mess. One day coach Jeff Van Gundy is in, the next he’s out. One day they’re better off without Patrick Ewing, the next they have no shot without him..

But now I wonder if my teachers weren’t wrong. Maybe the farmer and the cowhand (after all, there are female cowboys, too Annie Oakley and the aviator Amelia Earhart come to mind) are more than different expressions of a common human experience. Maybe they are different people.

The Abrahamic faiths Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have bequeathed to the world a rich religious and cultural heritage which has been enormously influential through the centuries up to the present. While this is easily evident in the modern practices of these monotheisms, it is also profoundly present in the development of their diverse intellectual traditions with theological and philosophical insights and analyses seeking to understand and explain the nature of the presence of the divine to human beings.The present collection of essays by a wide array of North American scholars provides a dozen studies of language, discourse, debate, and reasoning with a focus on theological and philosophical issues central to these three traditions that commonly call Abraham their human and/or spiritual father. Collectively these essays represent a dialogue among those who work at crossroads of theology, philosophy, history, language, and religion.

You approach it with great sensitivity. And it been my experience that once you get people starting to talk, you really don have to ask too many followup questions because the stories just come out. Maybe it starts in dribs and drabs but then it just becomes a steady flow of this sort of unleashing of emotion.

Anyway, it looks like there is enough interest for monthly meet up, so we need to find a date for February. At some point we will try doing one at a Sunday lunchtime for people who want to come with partners and kids, but I think it is best to wait for warmer days to try that. I would therefore suggest the third week of February (so avoiding Valentine’s Day) and probably we also need to avoid Mondays and Fridays, so that would suggest three options:.