Mr. Zakheim, a deputy defense under secretary in the Reagan administration, also is an ordained rabbi with close ties to the Jewish community. He was hired to help mollify potential Israeli opposition to the sale. If you can make the meeting, but would like to add your voice to any voting that takes place, please fill out and delivery the Proxy Form that was mailed to you a few weeks ago. The proxy form allows you to designate someone to vote on your behalf. Please deliver your signed and dated form to2920 Oakley Pointe Way.

Yes, upgrade the roadway and utilities as you have planned, a much needed improvement. But there is no compelling or good reason to the two parks other than they are already connected IF you just upgrade the existing crosswalks. (Google 3D crosswalks).

With 53 seconds left, Mason again stepped to the free throw line and made two. This was startling. Mason was 7 for 8 from the line in the fourth quarter. 6will work out one way or the other, said Lawrence. Will find a way to develop a working majority. But it will be difficult to share the presidency.

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That, plus a talented roster, has helped Kean (21 1) win 21 straight games.”I charted the turnovers while I sat on the bench and I understand what coach means about taking care of the ball,” Beyruti said. “The important thing is to take care of the ball and do the smart thing.”That has spawned a more selective approach by Beyruti, who has connected on 45.2 percent of her 3 pointers (80 for 177) and leads the team with a 14.3 scoring average.”I’ve never told her to stop shooting, but what has made this team better is that she’s getting her teammates involved,” Sharp said. “She’s not just a shooter.

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