Poverty, failed marriage, single parenthood, loss of her mother. Rowling faced it all, before creating an iconic series which would not just influence an entire generation of kids and young adults but also carve a place in the list of classics which shall remain for eternity. The Harry Potter series took shape in the cafs of Edinburgh..

My daughter’s in fifth grade right now, and this is the first year she’s really had a history course instead of a generic social studies course. This year’s history course basically started with the colonization of North America. Last year, if I remember, she studied state history.

Is work making you stressed? (Image: Getty/Fuse)Get the biggest daily news stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersToday is the 20th annual National Stress Awareness Day, which encourages people across the UK to stop and think about what is causing stress in their lives.Causes of stress include relationships, money problems and work.Pressure in the workplace can actually play a part in helping you and may actually improve your performance.But it becomes stress when we feel mentally unable to cope with this pressure and our bodies can show signs we are under stress, too.According to GP Dr Alan Cohen, speaking on the NHS website, stress is the body reacts to external pressures that we perceive to be difficult or uncomfortable. It stems from our biological or flight urges which once helped to protect our cavemen ancestors from dangerous situations. When pressure becomes too much at work and we fear we are failing or will lose our jobs the body can produce physiological reactions.(Image: Creatas RF)You may notice that your heart pounds, your breathing gets faster and shorter, your muscles tense or you start to sweat.

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On that day nearly 300 insurgents, armed with automatic rifles and rocket propelled grenades, surrounded the outpost in Afghanistan’s Nuristan Province. Fifty three Americans were stationed there; eight were killed in the battle, and 22 were wounded. N n n n n nIn an interview with CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin, Carter described how he knew from the start that the outpost was a dangerous place to be.