Back when my kids were in Girl Scouts, there was a merit badge for introduction to computer science. Of course, this was well before the era of Face Book or any other ‘social media’ platform. Computers were used for work, not play. But a lot of adults are probably regretting that now they been defeated by a simple brainteaser designed for children.The image, which has been circulating on social media, asks you to solve a sum based on those that precede it, which give away the worth of particular fruit.Sounds simple, right? You think so, but grown men and women simply can agree on what the correct answer is.Got it? Let break it down. 1 apple + 1 apple + 1 apple = 30. So an apple must equal 10 , correct?1 apple + 4 bananas + 4 bananas = 18.

No one really knows if taking pictures of demons with meth smoke is dangerous or not. One could presume that it is dangerous in some spiritual way because you and the demon are in most of the photos together, and that could never be a good thing! The photos themselves may not be dangerous but they should alarm you if you have any. Pictures of meth smoke demons that you are possibly taking should tell you that something is VERY wrong with using crystal meth.

100% polyurethane; Lining: 100% polyester. Spot clean. Imported. There wasn even a slit of light under or around the door. It was a small bathroom, two stalls and two sinks. Two mirrors. “The tanker was carrying Iran oil. Contrary to what the British government claims, its destination was not Syria,” said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi at a press conference in Tehran.Salmonella outbreak linked to fresh Cavi papayas from Mexico has sickened 71 peopleDays after health officials advised consumers to avoid whole, fresh papayas from Mexico amid a salmonella outbreak, new guidance was issued Friday. “With the exception of Cavi brand whole, fresh papayas, consumers no longer need to avoid papayas imported from Mexico,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.

Bisect this line to get the north south line. Here is where accuracy comes in again, so let’s do the bisection properly. To properly bisect a line to create a perpendicular line angled at 90 degrees, you need a rope that is longer than the center to east or west point.

La Caverna del Oro rediscovered?In 1869, A man named Elisha P. Horn while he was exploring Marble Mountain discovered a cave. And according to a reporter and Elisha own journal of the event he supposedly found a skeleton near the cave’s entrance clad in Spanish armor.