The Class of 2019 has an average cumulative GPA of 3.4 and an average science GPA of 3.2. The class also has a cumulative average in the 68th percentile on the PCAT. Of the 127 in the class, 95 enter HSOP with a bachelor’s degree and five students are HSOP legacies..

When he and Jessica had divorced, Alan had believed, despite their tumultuous marriage, Jessica was a good mother to the girls. At the time, he had been working full time while going to school and didn’t believe he could be the parent his daughters needed. He had truly felt Jessica was better suited as the custodial parent.

“I think that was a great gift that he gave us,” De Tavira said. “Because we had to discover their life as we discover it in our own lives. Every day we got to the set, we didn’t know what was going to happen. NEWARK It takes serious grit to be a New Jerseyan.And if you got it, you could go to the moon.That much was made clear tonight in a star studded extravaganza honoring the state’s best and brightest, with attendees ranging form astronaut Buzz Aldrin to singer Nancy Sinatra. The New Jersey Hall of Fame induction, an event that’s become such a must attend affair that there was a traffic jam on the red carpet, seemed themed around the tenacity and underdog drive of those recognized.”What it means to be from New Jersey is to understand toughness, determination and grit,” Gov. Chris Christie said as he worked his way up that carpet to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.

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Valentino goes for a Lana Turner look with variegated tortoise tones in blonde, gold and brown. Yves Saint Laurent fashions a more stretched, wrapped look a la Rita Hayworth. Christian Dior features Jackie Onassis inspired large round frames in red, brown, gray or olive.

That’s not the case with Gail Lemaire. “I genuinely like my mother. If I wasn’t related to her, I’d choose her for a close friend,” says the director of GBMC’s Women’s Resource Center. There are homozygous Appaloosas and heterozygous Appaloosas. A homozygous Appy is one who inherited the Lp gene from both parents. A heterozygous horse has inherited the Lp gene from only one parent.