There are some exceptions. If you or your spouse have drug coverage now through an employer based health plan that is asgood as Medicare’s or better, you shouldn’t be charged a late penalty as long as you sign up within the deadlines. After insurance from an employer ends, you must sign up for Part B within 8 months and for Part D within 63 days.

An exciting time for the players and us as coaches, Sall said. Putting together full 40 minute efforts, and it the best we played since I been here. Now the test is to keep it going against more quality opponents. “It’s great to be back in Rapid City,” said LeBlanc. “I had a great experience during my time with Manitoba and learned a lot. Now I’m excited to come back to Rapid City and build off of last season and help out with the Rush.

Yigal Azrouel is high on the list and in heavy rotation in my closet. I’ll splurge on one or two pieces from his main collection, then stock up on basics or more fun stuff from his Cut 25 line. Oh and did I mention Equipment? I order them in bulk from Barneys, ha..

Be very careful when using toilets in Greece! In many parts of Greece, especially the islands, it is expected that instead of putting the toilet paper in the toilet with your droppings, you put it in a bin next to the toilet. Failure to do this can result in a toilet flood of epic proportions. (I might be being a little melodramatic there, but it’s really never fun to have a toilet back up).

Kimball, the executive director of the Washington based Arms Control Association. He said Iran would need at least 1,050 kilograms (2,315 pounds) of low enriched uranium to make the core of a single nuclear bomb, then would have to enrich it to 90%.”Iran is not racing toward the bomb as some allege but these are calibrated moves,” Kimball told The Associated Press. However, “if Iran and the United States remain on the current course, the agreement is indeed in jeopardy.”Netanyahu urged the international community to punish Iran for its decision.”It is a very, very dangerous step,” he said.

The Eiteljorg turned to Busse, whose large scale models at the New York Botanical Garden and Chicago Botanic Garden draw large crowds every winter. Vanausdall noted that Chicago garden is actually located in the far suburb of Glencoe, but with the Busse display, winter attendance went from nearly zero to 70,000. He has a more modest 50,000 visitor target for the Eiteljorg..

I dunno about you, but I use my car on 50 100 mile stretches at a time. Some of us have really long commutes or need to commute multiple times a day to different jobs, or to run errands, or to pick up the kids from the grandparents house, etc. Plus I like not having to fill up (charge up) every day..