Leonard, evidently, did none of that. He waited until early last week to inform the Los Angeles Clippers that he was interested in joining them, provided they also had another All Star type talent to pair with him. For the Clippers, the timing of this pronouncement must have been bizarre, akin to someone telling you they want to be on the 9:30 train at about 10:15.

If players act entitled, it’s because they are. Washington point guard Markelle Fultz has been hearing all winter he will become the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft even though UW might not win 10 games. In any case, you should consider using our tool or another similar tool to make sure you are using more encrypted connections when surfing the Internet. Doing so will cut down significantly on the ability of your ISP from spying on your browsing history. And it’s not just your ISP that can do this.

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During the run, theatre producer Vinton Freedley saw her perform and invited her to audition for the role of San Francisco caf singer Kate Fothergill in the new George and Ira Gershwin musical Girl Crazy. Upon hearing her sing “I Got Rhythm”, the Gershwins immediately cast her, and Merman began juggling daytime rehearsals with her matinee and evening performance schedule at the Palace. Crazy opened on October 14, 1930, at the Alvin Theatre, where it ran for 272 performances.

“Everyone has fingerprints, right?” he said. “From a distance, they all look the same. But you get up close and you realize fingerprints have never been replicated in the history of humankind. A Southern zone scramble team of Hobart and Districts Pony Club together with Monmouth Pony and Riding Club finished first in the overall teams contest, but the Neika Perpetual Trophy for the best placed riders from a single club across all three grades went to Mersey Valley. The combination of Tayla Smith riding in grade 1, Lillie Connelly in grade 2 and Sharna Dolbey in grade 3 helped secure the trophy. Connelly rode Audrey Hepburn, a mount she has ridden for only 10 months, to victory in the grade 2 event with scores of 68.276 in the novice 2.3 test and 68.0 in the novice 2.2 test.