I totally cool with ConcernedApe adding more options and Sandy is great, but I actually hoping the update will expand upon existing content. I love the idea of more interaction options with your spouse after you married. I also would really like and I think others would too if you could somehow pair off other candidates after you married.

“It means a lot to me,” Sanchez said of Cora’s praise, “because people don’t know how much work I’ve consistently put into my defense. I think I continue to get better, and I will continue to get better. But it’s even more important because of the fact that pitchers depend on me.

Interesting that you should use the phrase “I went to the store”. I took Russian for two years in college, and, while I can get around Moscow alright, ask for directions, and exchange a few sentences of banter with Russian speakers I meet at parties, I hardly fluent. (The last time I tried saying “Are you driving to Boston?” I accidentally said “Are you wandering around aimlessly in Boston by car?”)My point though, is that I would argue that there is a very good reason to think deeply about the sentence “I went to the store” in Russian, and think deeply about all of the ways you can say it, modify it, and replace its component parts to achieve different meanings, and how those meanings relate to the meanings of other sentences containing the same component parts.

Actually, the main use of the fixnode/fixlikes option was simply to allow hypothesis testing for historical scenarios. For example, one could constrain node 20 to have to include area “A”, and then constrain it to exclude “A”, and then compare the likelihoods under these two scenarios. The difference in likelihoods would indicate whether your data have a strong preference for one of the hypotheses.

Which knowledge sustained me for a few minutes despite the growing conviction is paranoia, you doing this to yourself I was being followed.Then, turning into Cromwell Road, the denial allowance was spent and there was nothing between me and the livid fact: I was being followed.This is paranoia, I began again, but the mantra had lost its magic. Pressing on me from behind was warm insinuation where should have been uninterrupted cold: surveillance. Snow and buildings molecularly swelled in urgent confi rmation: They found you.

It also owns the region’s bus stations, shelters and stops and is the voice of passengers in securing rail services. TfGM oversees a 1.4bn package of improvements called the Greater Manchester Transport Fund. If built, they would take the mayor’s cycle network to 1,800 milesSalfordThe Salford Western Gateway Bridge is stuck openDrivers are having to divert using Liverpool Road and the M60MetrolinkVideo: Reckless teenager risks his life as he talks on his phone whilst tram surfingTransport bosses said the youngster’s behaviour ‘defies logic’ and warned that someone would be killedTraffic and travelCyclist taken to hospital following crash at city centre junctionThe man was injured after the crash at the junction of Trinity Way and Chapel Street which will be even more congested than normal for the remainder of the rush hourAndy BurnhamTaxpayer cost of Andy Burnham’s youth bus passes to rise by 1mCouncil leaders agreed a 9.3m budget for the mayor’s ‘opportunity passes’ in March, paid for largely through council tax.