Experience nature to the fullest and capture its vibrancy back in the studio through photos, sketches and outdoor studies. Cope with the fleeting qualities of atmosphere and light by establishing a value plan early and sticking with it. Incorporate impressionistic touches of broken color to give your landscape a depth and vibrancy that enhances its realism.

For a swing beam! This set has all your kids favorite accessories, including a Tic Tac Toe Panel and Rock Wall with Climbing Rope, which are sure to be a hit in any backyard! The main beams and posts are also covered in a maintenance free Timber Shield coating. This premium cedar wood play set is pre cut, pre sanded, pre stained and ready to assemble in your backyard. The play deck is protected with a tongue and groove wood roof and includes an Upper Level Tree house with working shutters.

Kanoa Igarashi has done little else but breathe surfing for the greater part of his 18 years on this planet. His father Tom was pushing him into waves at the tender age of 3, and he has been competing since age 6. Safe to say, Kanoa has been on a steady climb before he even hit double digits.

I say as a woman, I done this. I never cut myself, but I loved martial arts. It was only later did I realized one of the reasons I liked it was for the minor pain you would get. DEAKIN UNIVERSITY SHARKS Kolora Noorat 5.2, 9.7, 14.10, 17.15 (117) Deakin University Sharks 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 0.2 (2) GOALS, Kolora Noorat : Jeremy Duynhoven 4, Zack Bartlett 3, Jacob Lee 2, Dale Evans 2, Patrick Glennen 2, Michael Tebble 1, Jack Kenna 1, Nathan Cahir 1, Thomas Cheslett 1 Deakin University Sharks : BEST, Kolora Noorat : Timothy Reid, Jason Blackley, Thomas Cheslett, Zack Bartlett, Michael Tebble, Andrew Smith Deakin University Sharks : Mitchell McMaster, Brendan Clarke, Timothy Wall, Sam Weston, David Atkinson, Jason Lehmann MERRIVALE v. OLD COLLEGIANS Old Collegians 3.7, 4.8, 6.9, 7.11 (53) Merrivale 0.1, 3.3, 5.6, 6.11 (47) GOALS, Old Collegians : Jed Rodgers 2, Matthew Petherick 2, Bradley Howlett 1, Joe Kenna 1, Timothy Edwards 1 Merrivale : Matthew Auld 2, Jesse Trigg 2, Dion Romaniszyn 1, Justin Carroll 1 BEST, Old Collegians : Daniel Weel, Timothy Edwards, Jed Rodgers, Matthew Petherick, Joe Kenna, Jason Moloney Merrivale : Claye Cassidy, Jyles Lebler, Matthew Dowd, James Cook, Sam Inverarity, Joshua Keilar SOUTH ROVERS v. EAST WARRNAMBOOL South Rovers 2.3, 7.10, 11.14, 14.15 (99) EAST WARRNAMBOOL2.4, 2.5, 4.6, 6.8 (44) GOALS, South Rovers : Andre Barr 2, Samuel Hyland 2, Tim Cain 2, Darcy Chandler 2, Deaclan Irvine 1, Daniel Clifford 1, Sean Fitzgibbon 1, Josh Brown 1, Benjamin Ryan 1, Haydn Goldsworthy 1 EAST WARRNAMBOOL: Hayden Laird 3, Jeremy Cashill 1, Jesse Cruickshank 1, Benjamin Knight 1 BEST, South Rovers : Daniel Clifford, Tim Cain, Daniel Pender, Darcy Chandler, Matthew Wood, Andre Barr East Warrnambool: Coedie Carter, Jeffrey Vizon, Hayden Laird, Shaun Palmer, Benjamin Knight, Ben Gray MATCH NIRRANDA v.