Really excelled tonight, Meyer said. Defended well, rebounded well and hit some big shots at opportune times. In check from the floor by Houston smothering defense, Whiteman was able to find her way to the free throw line for four points and then ended the third quarter with a runner at the buzzer to give Covington a 34 30 advantage..

“This remote collaboration enables the expert to help someone in the field solve a complicated problem in real time,” Roberts said. “The helmet’s video camera captures the generator, then the expert takes stills from the video and annotates them to show the guy which bolts to remove to fix the generator. This gives you expert advice anywhere in the world, and it’s all hands free.”.

“Mr. Dolan doesn’t know Mr. Rapaport, but clearly he’s not a friend. With that being said, I am 100% myself. I crack jokes, I am sarcastic, I talk about the things I read on the internet. If they do something genuinely funny, I laugh or comment. Ou encore un SALVATOR affrontant dans le TARZAN de 1948 les derniers revanchards japonais. Et les affrontant non plus sur la plante Terre mais entre Mars et Vnus. Ah ! ne pas oublier de rappeler que le prototype de tous ces gens, reste le jeune TERRY cr par Milton Cannif..

Likely native. Culture and history point: The majority of the Philippines had a stratified caste system before the Spanish arrival, which was maintained somewhat by the Spanish colonisers. In the case of the Philippines, no attempts were made to ban the use of native languages like Tagalog as they were in the Americas, and so Tagalog continued to used strict differences to define the caste system.

But here the thing, I don expect my wife to do those things for me on Father Day because I don want to put that extra obligation on her. Is it not enough to ask to take care of the simple things I would normally be obligated for, without having to plan something extra on top of that? And then take on the added guilt if it not good enough? Like if your gift isn good enough, or your planned activity isn good enough. Any reasonable person would certainly appreciate the added extra effort, but maybe it not what they wanted at all, and therefore wasted effort..

This was not a happy place this morning. This was supposed to be our first three day weekend in the last two months of the season, Schrempf said after Seattle 10th win in 11 games. Were ready to pay the fine and just go home. I think the Tungsten Prizm lenses have a very nice bronze color that would contrast nicely and compliment the olive green frames you described. They aren too flashy and are slightly reflective/mirrored. Be prepared to spend as much on replacement lenses from Oakley as you spent on the original Frogskins.