That’s the logline of this soap opera in a galaxy far far away. The story of Alana of Landfall and Marko of Wreath, who meet and fall in love in the middle of an ongoing intergalactic war, had a mixed race daughter and go on the run in space, hunted by armies, a vengeful race of robots and greedy bounty hunters. Saga is an epic tale with love at its core.

Pratt should get a good read on his team by the time it returns home on April 20.”This is the start of the grind,” he said. “When I played in this league (in 1986), there wasn’t this kind of travel because weren’t as many teams.”Back then, the South Atlantic League consisted of 10 teams compared to 14 today, and the geography was much more compact. The longest trips were to Savannah and Macon, while Greensboro and Asheville were the most northern cities.

Orlando is buying into what Doc Rivers is doing. Doc is probably the best young coach out there along with [Phoenix Scott Skiles. The bottom line for this power forward businessman is that the players of this generation, do not care enough about the game or the fans..

Signing day surprise: The hope at Maryland was to land both Damian Prince and Jalen Tabor, both among the top 30 in the ESPN 300. Now that Tabor is off to Arizona, the odds have increased that Prince could sign elsewhere, too. Florida State is the main competition for Prince, and when he announces a little more than a week after signing day, Prince will utter the words “Florida State” instead of “Maryland” to complete FSU’s offensive line haul.

Mostly known for her top selling book, Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert is back with a second offering. This time Vivian is no longer a young woman on a journey of self discovery. Now, she is a 90 something year old woman reminiscing on the moments that made her laugh, cry, and jump for joy.

We go around to the entrance thats no longer in the park but entering from the city. An old fat white cop on a motorcycle is “guarding” that entrance and says no, you can come in. We point out people walking their bikes right behind him and he says “well I didn see them enter, so they fine.” (All white people for context again.) We return to the other side so we can leave in the park but not in the festival area.

As the wine ages, its better. Vitage wine is the best, I can say. Anyway, it’s a separate subject that you should master, too. I think the strangest thing I encountered in a Wal Mart bathroom was a teenage girl and a waste pail full of bloody tissues. She hung her nose over the sink crying, “I can’t get it to stop!” I offered to call someone for her but she declined. Then you get sad and somewhat funny things like a middle aged woman at a truck stop washing her face in the sink, muttering, “I’m too old for this shit.”.