“You’ve got to have a mix of both,” former council member Ed Oakley said during a news conference at City Hall Plaza. “Ron is going to prove to you that the D is Dallas stands for diversity.”Natinsky was endorsed by Mayor Dwaine Caraway and council members Jerry Allen, Sheffie Kadane, Linda Koop, Dave Neumann and Jasso. Former council members endorsing Natinsky included Oakley, Gary Griffith, Lois Finkelman, Craig Holcomb, Chris Luna and Mary Poss, who also served the city as mayor.Caraway (Shown to the right accepting a Natinsky campaign sticker) said Natinsky was 100 percent in favor of his agenda for southern Dallas.”He did not turn his back on me then,” Caraway said.

And while we’re not knocking a good old hose for some water fun (hey, that’s how we grew up!), we know kids these days expect a bit more. Slip N’ Slides are a great way to get your kids playing outside and staying active. In fact, thanks to the advanced features of baby food makers on the market these days, whipping up healthy meals, snacks and smoothies is a piece of cake for parents.

What sniffers they are! Since Cincy still wondered about this other creature, he tried attacking frequently. Fortunately, the wrestling developed into great exercise because big Skeeter took cues from tiny Cincy’s cries. A cry meant the playing had gotten too rough, and Skeeter truly seemed to care for him, so adjusted his fighting style..

Good Morning Jane, so nice meeting you. And I look forward to following you. Just wanted to say wow loved this hub, so informative and so helpful for anyone wanting to restore old photos, and my husband is a photographer. The new church is a merger of St. Peter the Apostle and Assumption of Mary. I’m not certain when it all takes place but I’m going to be able to keep track of him it’s the other community in which I write a column.

Learning to stalk whitetail deer from a very young age he, like most other boys his age in the small tribal village, had often gathered around the main fire at night. Listening intently, they thrilled as the old men, former great hunters and respected tribal elders spun magical tales of hunting the three colors of whitetail deer the Great Spirit had provided to feed and clothe the People. The white deer, the black deer, and this one, a predominantly white deer with sporadic brown markings..

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