It takes so much time and dedication. Was the first Dixie Round Up for Princess contestant and Miss Congeniality winner Aubrey Schafer, 14. Schafer named her horse Lucky after a four leafclover that she found and had in her pocket around the time that she got her horse.

Billy wasn’t the only fast gun in Las Vegas by a long shot. Doc Holliday ran a drugstore unfortunately not the one that overlooks the town plaza. But go into Murphey’s anyway, if only to admire the authentic ice cream fountain and stools, the curlicue furniture, ornate tin ceiling and hardwood floors..

Mr Lea, the theatre manager, had Houdini forcibly removed from the auditorium. He was grabbed by the throat and thrown into an alleyway outside. While Houdini alleged Lea personally assaulted him, Lea coolly denied involvement in the altercation. Sonja Henie : Greatest of Pre classic Figure SkatingBorn in 1912, Sonja Henie was one of the most influential figure skaters of all time. This Norwegian star skater was a three time Olympic Champion in Ladies Figure Skating, a six time European Champion and a ten time World Champion in 1927 through 1936. No skater ever dominated the sport as Henie had done.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the classic American children’s novel about the adventures of Dorothy, a young girl who along with her dog Toto is swept away by a cyclone to the magical Land of Oz. It was written by L. Frank Baum and published in May 1900.

“They were like, ‘Just do what you were doing, but do it for us and on this particular project,'” Menard said. “In that aspect it was great. They had great notes. ”Im just an out and out schizophrenic, a typical Geminian.” proclaims the 35 year old rocker. ”Im two different people, with two different minds. ”Im tough and aggressive when I have to be, sure: Theres not a man alive I cant handle.

But the embassy bombing and Iran’s anticipated retaliation against Saudi Arabia could threaten Lebanon’s already tenuous stability. Indeed, just two days after the attack, an Iranian backed Iraqi Shiite militia shelled a Saudi border post as “a warning message” to Riyadh to stop “interfering” in Iraq. Meanwhile, on the day of the Beirut blast, Hezbollah MP Ali Mikdad issued his own warning.

Just thinking about it now still makes the hair stand up on my arms and my throat begin to close. As I walked out of the walk in cooler, standing halfway between me and the cash register was a very tall man with a stocking over his head and a very large gun in his hand. “Get to the front and give me the money.